Watch Video: Complaining About My Blonde Hair Doesn’t Make Sense – Fella Makafui

Kowtowing to the desires of society at every point in time is something actress and entrepreneur Fella Makafui has stated emphatically that she will never do.

Speaking with Zionfelix on the ‘Uncut’ show about how some of the youth she has begun to mentor as part of her entrepreneurship workshops may start to perceive and tag her as someone who will a bad influence on them, Fella stated that she will find that rather difficult to make sense of.

According to her, the fact that people may decide to see her a bad person because she has gone blonde is really bad. She stresses that going blonde does not change her personality in any way. She also adds that wearing blonde hair now is a business decision which should not be misinterpreted and misjudged by others.

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Even though the young CEO pointed out that the blonde hair does not make her a bad person, she, on the other hand, disclosed that she does not really care what others think about her. She cited the late music sensation, Ebony Reigns as an example. She revealed that even though people maligned her when she was alive and described her as a bad girl, the same people begun to hail her when she died.

Watch the video of Fella Makafui talking about her Blonde hair below:

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