I Have Forgiven Shatta Wale – Popular Musician

After their unfortunate impasse some years ago, Ara B, the former righthand man, and hypeman of Shatta Wale, Ara B has revealed that even though they manner he was treated and booted out of the camp at the time was a sad one, he has forgiven his former ‘boss’, Shatta Wale.

According to the singer, he is a Christian who tries to obey the commandments of his maker, and the ability to forgive is one of such, for his resolve to forgive him and move on with his life.

When Zionfelix asked Ara B on the ‘Uncut’ show if he will be willing to ever work with Shatta Wale again since he revealed that he has forgiven him, the father of two revealed that it depends on a few things. He explained that he currently has a team he works with, so should in case Shatta ever bring a proposal, the would have to consider it.

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He also revealed that another thing which will make him consider such a deal would be if it says nothing about him working under Shatta Wale like his militants, then he might not have a problem if his team agrees.

Check out the video of Ara B on the ‘Uncut’ show below:

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