How A Movie Producer Disrespected Me – Actor Peter Richie Shares Story

Actor Peter Richie has shared the sad story of how a Nigerian movie producer totally disrespected him not long ago because he did not look that ‘fresh’ for the sort of character male he wanted for the role in the movie they wanted him for.

The ‘Tenants’ actor revealed that he was taken aback when he went into the meeting, which was arranged by a colleague of his with the said movie producer only to hear the words ‘Makeup fit do am’ from the lips of this producer when he was having a discussion with his girlfriend about him (Peter Richie).

The talented movie star, who double as a super insurance person added that because he deduced that they had the notion that his physical looks were not what they wanted for the particular role, he also mentioned a huge figure as they money he wanted for the role, a move that brought the discussion to an abrupt end.

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Peter Richie after sharing this sad story used the ‘Uncut’ show hosted by Zionfelix to advise movie producers. He gave them the simple message that they should desist from denying actors and actresses who can put up great performances on set the roles because they are not handsome or beautiful as they want.

Watch the video of actor Peter Richie share this sad story below:

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