OB Amponsah Goes W!ld On Industry Player For Badmouthing Him

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Chris Osei
Chris Osei
The writer is Osei Chris Kofi. I have three strong passions in life — football, blogging and movies — in that order. I love spending time with friends talking about the important things in life and hate nothing more than ‘authority’ and hypocrisy. My personal believe in life is that once an individual sets his/her mind to achieve something, it is totally possible. And oh!, I am a strong Lannister, because I always pay my debt. For writing or fixing gigs, contact oseikofichris@gmail.com.

Popular Ghanaian comedian, OB Amponsah, has taken to social media to call out entertainment critic and brand manager, Kwaku Osei Korankye Asiedu, aka KOKA.

In a long post on his Facebook wall, OB Amponsah stated that the post was to set the records straight because KOKA was allegedly spreading some lies about him.

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The comedian who also works as an optometrist in the Facebook post disclosed that ahead of his successful ‘Ghanaian By Car’ comedy special on Friday, December 9, 2022, he had tried his best to get KOKA and an undisclosed company he represents to be headline sponsors of the show.

He added that every effort he put in to get the sponsorship proved futile because KOKA was either refusing to reply to his messages or ignoring his calls.

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However, just about two days before the show, KOKA finally reached out to him and send him a cheque of Ghc25,500 as sponsorship for the show when he had already secured a headline sponsor which was Pebble.

OB stressed the deal with Pebble indicated that the latter had control over the set design and other things, however, KOKA after he sent the money was insisting that the banner of the company he represents be hung on the stage he was going to perform, which was not possible.

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He went on to add that after they told KOKA that this was not possible, the latter kept on threatening him with messages when he was rehearsing for the show on Friday.

Read OB Amponsah‘s full post below for more details…

Hi Koka, kindly stop peddling false stories about me. You and I know how you alone almost sabotaged my show because you are the one in control of funding at your end.

When I sent you the proposal for my show, you told me that the company you were representing was going to be the headline sponsor so I should be hopeful.

I practically begged you every day for almost two months to know whether you still want to help me with my show, but you kept being lackadaisical with me like I did not matter.

I told you I needed that money you promised to help facilitate the coming of the South African, but you would read my messages, ignore, or reply days later like I was being a bother.

I went ahead and put your brand on my fliers and commercials regardless, to which you kept asking for changes even when you had not made any contractual and financial commitments.

I always thank God Pebble came along to help produce this show and also act as my headline sponsor. And so Pebble now called the shots to my show. Mine was to focus on content.

It was until late Thursday afternoon, hours to my show that you finally released a cheque of 25,500gh, after you Koka had stated categorically in our WhatsApp chats that the company has agreed to give me 30,000gh for sponsorship. But I did not even complain.

It was on this same Thursday that you, Koka, finally had to tell me your conditions you wanted; to hang a banner (you didn’t even specify where), tie ins and pull up banners. I agreed. On the day of the show around 3pm when I was rehearsing, you kept calling me to complain that my production people were stopping you from hanging your banner on THE STAGE!!! Something you had never mentioned to me.

Koka, put yourself in my position for a minute. My headline sponsor and production team had already concluded on set design, brand placement and everything. Was I supposed to singularly acquiesce to your demands when my headline sponsor disagreed? About 2 hours to my performance, I was being bombarded with threatening calls from you that you and the company you represent would leave if you don’t get to hang your banner on stage, when you realized your lackadaisical handling of my show was finally getting to you. I even asked you if there wasn’t anywhere else to hang your banner and you said no, you are hanging it on the stage, or nothing. I had to listen to my headline sponsor and production team and choose their decision over yours.

Now the story you are peddling around town is you have given me 30K for sponsorship and I treated you like you didn’t matter and that’s why brands don’t support creatives. Bro, you acted like a busy God anytime I talked to you because you were in control of affairs. If your dealings have caught up with you, don’t implicate me in it. I wouldn’t remain silent for you to smudge my brand with those silly stories you are peddling to save face.

Arrange a meeting with your bosses, be there. I will also be there and deny anything I have said here, you insincere human being. I’m done licking your salty boots and I promise never to have an interaction with you again!

The brand you represent are the ones I apologize to for all of this miscommunication. I am one person that appreciates support and so when intermediaries like you seek to stain relationships with your incompetence, it hurts a lot. To the brand you represent, I apologize for everything. Things could have been better if Koka had been straightforward with me from the beginning. It’s ok if I am blackballed by your company. But I also pray, that as you have heard my side of the story, you do not let it affect future engagements with other creatives.

I’m attaching one of the many desperate messages I sent to Koka for you all to see how that guy alone almost denied Ghanaians a good show.

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