Stop Saying My Wife, Salley Galley Doesn’t Want To Give Birth Because Of Her Fashion Sense – Husband To Critics

The topic of childbirth in marriages is a very sensitive one, especially when the marriage has seen some years come and go.

This currently is the bane of musician Cartel Big J aka Praye Tietia and his wife, Selley Galley, who are in their fifth year as a married couple.

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Many gossip mongers who have touched on that sensitive topic about the couple on social media have usually attributed the failure of the two to give birth to the fact that Selley Galley is too concerned about fashion than giving birth.

His husband, Cartel Big J, who has heard many of such gossips and is certainly fed up, told Zionfelix on the ‘Uncut’ show that Ghanaians should cut his wife some slack.

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He clarified that their failure to give birth in the last five years as a couple has not to do with Selley’s great fashion.

Praye Tietia also added that giving birth as a couple is their own prerogative and that they have been trying as a couple but they have not yet been blessed.

Watch the video of Cartel Big J and Zionfelix below…

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