Sultan Drinks Ghana Donates About 200,000 Dollars Supplies To Holy Family Hospital At Nkawkaw

EKOR ODEL LTD, the parent company of Sultan Drinks Ghana on April 19th, 2019 donated anesthesia supplies to Holy Family Hospital at Nkawkaw to fulfill their promise to Ghanaians on the company’s commitment to invest in the community they do business.

The chief medical doctor Dr. Isaac Antwi and head of Anesthesia Dr. Ramos Agyarko received the supplies on behalf of the hospital. The company’s President, Kwabena Odame offered his appreciation to the medical team for their dedication and contribution to the community they serve.

Ekor Odel LTD is the sole distributor of blackseed sultan drinks in Ghana. Sultan Drinks are manufactured in Austria from natural mineral water and they come in four different flavors with superior natural taste; Sultan Power, Sultan Ice Tea Cola and Orange. The ingredients in sultan drinks are black seed, royal jelly, ginseng, ginger, honey turmeric and cola.


The Sultan Power has black seed, ginseng, royal jelly and natural caffeine with a taste of ginger, mint, and lemon. Sultan Cola is made with natural cola flavors and zero artificial content.

The Sultan Ice Tea has an extraordinary composition of black seed, green tea jasmine, ginseng, honey, natural flavors, and stevia. Sultan Orange has a delightful combination of orange, mandarin, and tumeric.

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