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New Catfight? Vicky Zugah Warns Diamond Appiah

The petty catfights in the Ghanaian entertainment industry never seem to go away. Anytime there is a feeling that it has died down, a new one pops out to keep the discussion about the hatred that exists among Ghanaian entertainers spring up. The latest entertainers who are set to add themselves to the tall list of celebrity […]Read More

Vicky Zugah Claps Back At Delay

Actress Vicky Zugah has hit back at TV and radio host Delay for calling her ‘hypocrite and a pathological liar’ on ‘The Delay Show’. Delay on her show said the actress ‘lies’ through her teeth just to the public to seek sympathy on her failed relationships that might be probably caused by herself. Well, Vicky […]Read More

Photos: Here Is The Tall List Of Celebrities Actress Vicky

Actress Vicky Zugah for the past years has gone out with many Ghanaian male celebrities and I’m very sure you never knew she dated these guys. Just recently, she named three of her ex-boyfriends who used to beat her just to campaign against the act. Vicky listed DJ Cash, Leo Mensah and Bolt of Big […]Read More

My Ex-Boyfriends Were Always Beating Me – Vicky Zugah Shares

Husbands or boyfriends using their partners as punching bags has been talked against for long but it seems the men are not listening. The fight against this trouble in the society has climbed the next step of the ladder in recent times with many top African stars talking against it. One actress who has admitted […]Read More