Tasting Lesbianism Was A Mistake – Kumawood Actress

Kumawood actress, Abena Ghana has regretted involving herself in lesbianism some time ago.

Speaking in an interview with Zion Felix on the ‘Uncut Show’, Abena Ghana said her involvement in the act was a huge mistake.

The brain behind Ghana Actors and Entertainers Awards revealed during the chat that she got into it through some childhood friends.

The mother of one strongly believes God wanted to teach her some lessons and that was the reason why He allowed her to toe that line.

Abena Ghana pleaded that people should stop judging her with her past because she’s not proud of it.

She added that only God can judge her and she frequently pray for forgives from her creator.

Abena Ghana was hopeful God will use her for something great.

She explained that many great personalities do not have good and inspiring past—but later their stories change for the better.

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