My Wife Masturbating Is Better Than Sleeping With Another Man- Popular Radio Presenter

Nana Romeo

The host of Accra FM’s Midmorning show, Nana Romeo has stated unequivocally that he will be so much okay with his partner masturbating than getting to know she is sleeping with another man.

Nana Romeo made this revelation as a panel member of a discussion of eTV’s ‘In Bed With Adwen’. He stated that if you are a man and you travel a lot because of the sort of business you do, then he will advise that it is better you get your wife a personal dildo which she will use to pleasure herself anytime you are not around than getting to hear that she is being banged by someone else. 

The radio presenter also stated that there are some ladies who cannot control their sexual urge and easily get wet when you are even speaking to them on phone and will normally wish you are around to give them the actual thing. He added that such ladies will definitely need a dildo, either the one which vibrates or the normal once.

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Nana Romeo also added that he is somebody who likes pu$$ie$ which are very wet when he is about to do the do and as such, he will personally use the dildo to lubricate the $exual organ of her partner before he begins the actual business. The Accra FM presenter also disclosed that dry pu$$ies$ usually get the d!ck injured and as such, it turns him off and he will always go in for the wet one, even if it is achieved with the help of a dildo.