Ghanaians Should Give Wendy Shay A Break For Her ‘Dumb Question’ Comment – Arnold Asamoah Baidoo Fires

Head of communication for Zylofon Music, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has fired some hot shots the way of the many Ghanaian who are currently roasting singer Wendy Shay on social media for walking off an interview set, suggesting that a question about who she is as Wendy Shay is ‘dumb’.

Arnold, as a pundit on Starr FM’s ‘Morning Zoo’ hosted by Giovani, stated that he does not understand why Ghanaians are currently tearing Wendy Shay apart all in the name of walking of an interview. He made the point that the likes of Noam Campbell and many other internationally known celebrities have walked off interviews because they did not like a question posed to them and as such Wendy Shay should be given a break.

The PRO of Zylofon music also added that the interview of Jay-Z being used by many as a justification of the wrong done by Wendy Shay is wrong. He made the point that Jay-Z was asked who he was in general and not who he is as Jay-Z the musician. He further stated that these two questions are totally and should not be confessed because every Ghanaian know Wendy Shay as a musician and as such, the question was needless. When Giovani, the host of the show suggested to him that it was a follow-up question, Arnold still insisted that the question was needless.

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Arnold ended his submission by again stating that the question was asked Wendy Shay right after she had performed as a known artist and for that reason, MzGee should have known better. He again makes the point that even though he is not a fan of Wendy Shay himself, she has about four hit songs out there already and as such she is an entertainer for christ sake.

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