Lesbianism Is Not A Sin – Mzbel Makes Shocking Statement

Musician Nana Akua Belinda, who is well known for her showbiz name, Mzbel has ended her silky voice to the unending debate in Ghana about lesbianism being a sinful act and as such ladies should not engage in the act.

On her late night adult sex talk show on Onua FM, Mzbel stated categorically that in her own view lesbianism is not a sin. She, therefore, advised ladies who engage in such relationships to feel free and enjoy themselves.

Mzbel, however, advised ladies who had been earlier involved in lesbianism but have decided to be straight later, to tell their men what they need in order to avoid cheating on them. Nana Akua reiterated that ladies who convert from lesbianism to become straight will sometimes have problems with their men because they may not get the satisfaction they had when they were lesbians.

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Also, on her ‘Odo Nso’ show, Mzbel added that because ladies understand themselves better $sexually, they usually get a lot of pleasure when they have $eks with each other. Also, Mzbel stated that because some men do not have the patience to cuddle their ladies properly when they are about to have $eks, ladies who become straight after having a feel of lesbianism will definitely have problems.

Watch the video below…

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