To Say Kumawood Actors Are Illiterates Is Just Dumb – Actress Explodes

Talented Kumawood actress, Hannah Mingel has taken out some time to give out some education to Ghanaians who have consistently perceived and tagged the actors who are based in Kumasi as ‘illiterates’ because they use the ‘Akan’ dialect largely in shooting their movies.

According to her, times have far advanced for people to still have the same archaic perception about the individuals who find themselves in the vibrant Kumasi industry, which for the want of a better description has been described by many as ‘Kumawood’.

The ‘Fault’ actress also expressed her shock as to where people will tag an industry which has the likes of Emelia Brobbey, Nana Ama Mcbrown, Vivian Jill Lawrence, Ellen White, Bill Asamoah, herself and many other very educated people as one that is made up of only ‘illiterates’.

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Hannah Mingel ended her rant by telling all Ghanaian movie lovers who had the perception about them to try and erase it because it is totally wrong and very chauvinistic.

Watch the video of actress Hannah Mingel correcting the perception that all Kumawood stars are ‘illiterates’ below:

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