VIDEO: Fasting, prayer, and preaching don’t make you a good Christian – Osebo

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Ghanaian fashionista extraordinaire Osebo The Zaramaman has strongly contended that fasting, praying, and preaching don’t make one a good Christian.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Eugene of Nkonkonsa Media, Osebo argued that a true Christian is one who gives alms to the poor.

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Osebo called for a change of mind among some believers while urging Christians to worship God in truth and also uncover the mysteries of their religion.

“If apple can cure sicknesses, then there will be no sick person in Italy. People fetch River Jordan and bring it into the country. If it heals sicknesses, people over there wouldn’t have been ill. We have been brainwashed into believing certain things. In Africa, Christianity is our first priority. Christianity is not practiced through only preaching. You prove it by your deeds.

Every Saturday, I donate. I don’t fast, I don’t visit the Atwea Mountains, MOGPA or Achimota Forest to pray. God listens to our prayers no matter the location. The fastest way by which God listens to our prayers is through the act of giving. It is not through cheap talk,” he disclosed.

“Faith and work complement each other. Paul said it in the bible. What is your faith? Is your faith about storming the church with canes to lash the devil? Is it by stomping your foot in churches disrespectfully whiles requesting things from God? We don’t understand Christianity,” he added.

The fashionista who highlighted the importance of giving to the needy admonished Christians to channel their energies into positive things instead of blaming the devil for every happening.

Watch the video below to know more…

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