We all had a similar impression about Yvonne Nelson

 We all had a similar impression about Yvonne Nelson

Award-winning actress Gloria Sarfo has said something regarding the remarks made by Kobi Rana following Yvonne Nelson’s cases about contempt and envy in the entertainment industry.

Besides, movie director, producer and actor, Kobi Rana, charged Yvonne Nelson of not trying to do what she says others should do over her recent remarks.

Thus, the lack of help in Ghana’s entertainment industry.

Also, Kobi Rana’s post via social media read:  “You have never posted or supported anybody’s movie in your entire life.

Today, you cry about support. Let us not preach LOVE and practice otherwise. We are ALL involved in making the INDUSTRY strong.”

However, the Efiewura star, demonstrated that numerous industry partners made a specific impression about Yvonne Nelson.

Gloria Sarfo proceeded to clarify that numerous individuals were of the view that Yvonne most likely had an unsupported position when it came to promoting the works of others.

The actress anyway asserted that she was glad that Yvonne Nelson had come out to speak about the circumstance and was happy to work for change.

Moreover, she went on and added that she was glad Yvonne had seen that the present status of the industry per the attitude of its players was “not a good thing”.

Gloria then proceeded to revitalize her associates to all meet up to make things work.

Her remarks read: “Well, I understand where Kobi is coming from, cos truthfully, that was the impression almost everyone of us had about Yvonne honestly. I guess things have changed now. Maybe our sister has realized it’s not a good thing, and she is calling for a change in that direction…”

Consequently, Gloria’s remarks came as a result of the comments issued by Kobi Rana. This was after Yvonne Nelson asserted that, the industry was loaded with individuals who were brimming with contempt and envy.

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